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For better town centres at night

What is Purple Flag

Purple Flag is a national accreditation scheme for entertainment and hospitality zones at night. It is linked to the standards that people expect from their city centres at night. Purple Flag's methodology is based on five years research, a dozen pilot initiatives, national and international good practice.

Aims of Purple Flag

  • To improve the experience of going to town at night
  • To raise the quality and broaden the appeal
  • To bring all interests together in pursuit of a common objective
  • To inspire, acknowledge, and celebrate success

It is distinctive

  • It is from the point of view of those who visit, use and live in city centres
  • It features venues, public spaces and the activities within them
  • It concerns both short term vibrancy and an enduring viability
  • It is a collaborative approach Flag

2018 - Purple flag status granted

Derry have secured Purple Flag status for eighth year in row

The Association of Town and City Management has awarded Derry Purple Flag status for the eighth year in a row.

The city has been awarded the prestigious accolade, that recognises town and city centre’s meeting standards in its evening and night time economy offerings.

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Purple Flag 2018

The Mayor, Councillor Maolíosa McHugh pictured at the announcement that Derry has once again been awarded Purple Flag status.

Included with City Centre Initiative Chief Executive Jim Roddy, who co-ordinates the Purple Flag assessment is; City Centre PSNI, Paul McCartney, First Housing Support, Jarleath Clarke, Estate Services, Rachael Eastwood, Grand Central and The Taphouse. Picture Martin McKeown. Inpresspics.com.

More on Purple Flag

The Core Agenda is the bedrock of Purple Flag. It captures what people want from their town centres at night - whatever the size of town. There are criteria, indicators and good practice examples to explain each theme. Entrants and assessors will use the Core Agenda in coming to a conclusion about the performance of each centre. Purple Flag is flexible and dynamic. It will evolve as society changes, as experience grows and as town centres become increasingly vibrant and appealing at night. Purple Flag is flexible and dynamic.

City Centre Initiative is very proud to accept the Purple Flag award on behalf of all our partners who maintain and provide services within the city centre.

Purple Flag is a city centre award similar to the Blue Flag for beaches, backed by Government, Police and business. It recognises the services and facilities that are provided in the city centre under the five themes of; Wellbeing, Movement, Appeal, Place and Policy. This award covers City Centre Initiatives core area which stretches from Waterside Theatre right to the Buncrana Road. The arduous and detailed application process culminated in two different assessments under the heading of the themes aforementioned.

We first obtained the award in November 2011 it has been renewed annually. The city will go through ongoing assessments to ensure that the high standards expected by ATCM (Association of Town Centre Management) will be maintained.


“This award is testament to the working partnerships that exist behind the scenes within the city. Our partners are dedicated to ensuring we meet the standards required to attain Purple Flag status. This is an important benchmarking process and economy driver for our city and one that we have been committed to retaining. To get news that we’ve been awarded the status yet again is just fantastic news for us all. It is a promotional tool for attracting business, investment and visitors to our city centre and we should be proud of that and use it to remind the world that we are a city worth visiting.”
Jim Roddy - City Centre Manager

"It's a real pleasure to be awarding Purple Flag status to Derry~Londonderry again. The partnership has worked extremely hard to develop and improve the evening economy and has been justly rewarded. It demonstrates that our towns & cities at night can be places for everyone, that are clean and safe with great public spaces, cultural attractions, and unique identities."
ATCM Chief Executive - Martin Blackwell