The Historic Derry Walls


Being in the heart of the city centre and with the Derry Walls structure surrounding the inner (old) city, the Derry Walls are close to our hearts at City Centre Initiative. City Centre Initiative are actively involved in the Derry Walls Management Plan, the Management Group and the Wardens patrol the walls multiple times each day, completing risk assessments, writing reports and liaising with statutory agencies in regards to damage, wear and tear, dilapidation, hazards and other matters requiring attention. The City Centre Initiative Wardens also complete the following tasks on and around the Derry Walls:

  • Litter Picking
  • Area Cleansing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Weeding & Plant Control
  • Highlighting Seasonal Hazards – Ice, Leaves, ASB etc.
  • Tourism Information
  • Deterring Anti Social Behaviour
  • External & Internal Patrols
  • Event Assistance
  • Aesthetic Improvements
  • Traffic Management (Stable Lane)
  • Lighting Scheme Reports

City Centre Initiative also act as a conduit between DfC and those who are planning events on the Derry Walls to ensure that all requirements are met, risk assessments are comprehensive and that the event organisers receive any assistance if they require. We welcome anyone who is planning an event on the Derry Walls to consult with us alongside DfC to ensure that your event is safe and successful.



Please use the following resources which have been published by the Department for Communities to assist you in your visit to the Derry Walls. You can access the resources using the links we have provided below:


A conservation plan for the Derry Walls was developed in 2007. It was developed by DfC, DCSDC, Tourism NI and other key stakeholders. In line with good practice, this plan was reviewed in 2014 and a second edition published in December 2015. The document sets out what is important about the structure, explains why this should be considered important and set out a series of policies to ensure that this can be maintained into the future. The work involved detailed research and extensive consultation with all potential stakeholders.


As a monument in a busy city centre this structure is not just managed by one agency. As well as the repair and maintenance work carried out on the wall by DfC, TransportNI maintains the road surface and lighting on the structure. Derry City & Strabane District Council performs the cleaning operations. The City Centre Wardens (City Centre Initiative) provide the warden’s role and the North West Development Office of DfC has in the past funded improvements to the surface of the wall. The Department of Justice and the PSNI are responsible for security and policing issues relating to the Derry Walls. As a result, the Derry City Walls Management Plan has been created to develop the policies of the Conservation Plan. A formal Management Group was set up in September 2009 to help ensure that the full potential of the monument can be achieved. Derry Walls Management Group Meetings


If you are planning an event on the Derry Walls please find below a link to the appropriate application form which must be submitted to the Department for Communities with a comprehensive Health & Safety Risk Assessment. Derry Walls Event Activity Application Form

City Centre Initiative continue to draw up reports on various findings and outstanding issues relating to the Derry Walls Monument and some of these reports are available to view below. If you have any questions in relation to any of these documents or require more up to date information please do not hesitate to contact us.